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What can Godt Smil offer?

There are many advantages to being a part of a chain, especially Denmark’s leading dental chain.

With visible leadership and strong support, anything is possible. We offer attractive salary and employment conditions in a developing and highly professional environment. Read more about the many benefits and what Godt Smil can offer right here:

Godt Smil Academy

At Godt Smil, we have ambitions to attract and retain the best employees.

Therefore, we prioritize ensuring both professional and personal development for all our employees.

We have many skilled and experienced employees at Godt Smil, and we value our employees being part of a community of passionate individuals who are willing to share their expertise and experience.

Godt Smil Academy provides the framework for our internal courses and education.

We are dedicated to maintaining a high level of professional knowledge in our range of further education, and we stay up to date with the latest research.

Teaching is conducted by both internal specialists and external experts.

Godt Smil Service Center

The Godt Smil Service Center supports the receptionists at the various clinics and ensures fully booked appointment schedules – thus providing work for you and your colleagues.

Godt Smil Area Managers

At Godt Smil, each clinic is assigned an Area Manager who assists with various administrative and well-being matters, allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Godt Smil Administration

The Godt Smil administration includes, among other things, the IT and finance departments, located at the headquarters in Horsens. Additionally, Godt Smil also has its own marketing department headquartered in Kolding.

What is the culture like at Godt Smil?

Being employed at Godt Smil is not only about engagement in work and high professionalism, but also about having fun together and supporting each other in daily life.

We are dedicated to our work and to making a difference for our patients, constantly striving to improve.

We want and dare to think innovatively and offer new solutions to our patients or do things differently. Therefore, we appreciate employees who dare to think differently and ask questions.

Last but not least, we value being a community while recognizing that each individual Godt Smil clinic and employee is unique.

Why become a part of Godt Smil

Trainee at Godt Smil – we’re not like the others

At Godt Smil, we’re happy to have trainees, and we have many trainees at our clinics.

This means that as a dental assistant trainee with us, you’ll receive excellent training where you’ll be allowed and supported to develop your qualifications optimally.

We also have dedicated mentors who are experienced in guiding our trainees through the program. You’ll have the opportunity to learn from the best.

We have trainees who assist some of our specialists, and all our trainees have an important role in the clinic.

But it all starts with you and your ambitions in life and your career. So, if you’re ambitious about your profession and want to be among the best, send us an application.

Oh, and by the way, we also have a lot of fun together in everyday life, so we also place great importance on your personality.

Well-being and work environment

At Godt Smil, we’re there for our patients and for each other – every day. We believe that good patient care and a high level of well-being among colleagues in the workplace are closely linked.

With us, every employee is equally important and should be treated with respect and care. It’s crucial for us that each individual employee thrives and is recognized for their efforts.

Therefore, we also set high standards for how we treat each other at work. We also work on well-being and the work environment in our clinics.

Our daily lives and the way we treat our patients and each other are based on four values: community, care, quality, and time.

Social responsibility and UN Sustainable Development Goals

At Godt Smil, we try to take responsibility both in relation to the immediate and the bigger picture.

We strive to fulfill a social responsibility by educating a large number of trainees and also providing opportunities for those who have difficulty entering the job market.

We work closely with local employment centers and are always open to inquiries.

We also have clinics and dentists who provide free dental treatments to socially disadvantaged/homeless individuals.

Several of our clinics also work in their own way with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Job vacancies

Godt Smil is a growing company, and we are constantly looking for skilled employees who can contribute to maintaining a high level of professionalism.

If you desire a career that offers personal and professional development, then become a part of Godt Smil.

Godt Smil employs approximately 650 skilled employees, and we are always interested in connecting with potential employees.

Check out our job vacancies or submit an unsolicited application if you also want to be a part of Denmark’s leading dental chain.

At Godt Smil, we take care of each other and ensure that you can take care of yourself too – with excellent health insurance

At Godt Smil, we prioritize the well-being and health of our employees, and it’s important to have access to the right help quickly in case of accidents.

We have partnered with Dansk Sundhedssikring, which allows you as an employee to sign up for excellent health insurance.

The insurance provides you with access not only to a range of treatments and examinations but also to online medical consultations, a well-being helpline, and coaching related to stress.

If you’re interested in a career at Godt Smil, you can learn more about our health insurance by clicking the link below.

Pursuing a career as a dental hygienist or dentist? See here

We need students both at our clinics and in our Service Center.

At the clinics, we need students to assist dentists or perform other tasks. This can be during holiday seasons but also on weekdays and Saturdays.

This way, you’ll gain knowledge and experience in working at a clinic and have excellent career opportunities at Godt Smil after completing your education.

Several dental hygienists and dentists have started as student assistants with us.

Interested? Contact Margarita Wind.

We also need skilled students for our Service Center

Here, you’ll learn how to advise patients and gain valuable knowledge about patients, while also having the opportunity to apply your studies directly to patient care.

Interested? Contact Service Center Manager Thomas Trøjborg.