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High quality at a fair price

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Save up to 40%

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6 good reasons for choosing Godt Smil

  • High quality at a fair price
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  • We match the prices of all dentists in Denmark
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  • Strong focus on dental fear
  • 500.000 Danes have already chosen us
  • Most 5-star reviews on Trustpilot

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Denmark’s best prices on dental treatments?

Godt Smil is your local dentist. We are proud to be a part of Denmark’s leading dental chain with clinics spread across the country.

We are ready to help you with all types of dental treatment – from your regular dental check-up to plastic fillings, dental implants, orthodontic corrections and other cosmetic dental treatment.

When you choose Godt Smil Tandlægerne as your new dental clinic, you are sure to get the highest quality dental treatment – at a fair price.

Our practitioners have extensive experience and expertise, and the materials are of the highest quality. This is precisely why we can, for example, safely offer you some of the industry’s best guarantees on dental implants and crowns.

Here you can find our clinics in Copenhagen:

Godt Smil Frederiksberg

Godt Smil Tandlægerne at Frederiksberg (in Danish) is located on Roskildevej – approximately 400 meters from the Zoo, where there is also free parking.

The clinic consists of eight large and bright clinic rooms. Since opening in June 2010, it has had more than 10,000 patients

The clinic’s team makes sure to keep up-to-date with the latest knowledge in dentistry, which ensures professional treatment of the highest standard and quality.

The clinic is run by orthodontist Sebastian Tschechne, who has acquired special skills in implantology and major dental treatments through several courses.

Godt Smil Frederiksberg employs, in addition to Sebastian Tschechne, six dentists, five dental hygienists, nine clinic assistants, including a receptionist and its own anesthesiologist.

Our staff at Godt Smil Frederiksberg look forward to welcoming you warmly.

Godt Smil Nørreport

Godt Smil Tandlægerne at Nørreport (in Danish) is a state-of-the-art clinic that gives you a good and safe experience with a focus on high quality and professionalism.

The clinic is located at Nørreport station – just above Irma. You will find good parking conditions close to the clinic – including Q Park’s car park at Israels Plads.

The clinic is furnished with six beautiful clinic rooms and a cozy waiting room, where you can enjoy a cup of coffee on one of our two comfortable sofas while you wait.

The clinic has dentists and dental hygienists with several different specialties. This means that we usually have the necessary skills to carry out the treatment you want.

We also have some very skilled dental hygienists who specialize in the treatment of periodontal disease and other dental diseases.

At Godt Smil Nørreport, you will be assigned both a dentist and dental hygienist who will ensure you the best quality.

Our staff at Godt Smil Nørreport look forward to welcoming you warmly.

Godt Smil Nørrebro

Godt Smil Tandlægerne at Nørrebro (in Danish) are located 350 meters from the Skjolds Plads metro – and bus 6A stops right in front of the clinic.

If you are driving, we refer to the public car parks that you will find within a radius of 500 metres.

As with all our other clinics, Godt Smil in Nørrebro always puts the patient at the center, and they will do their best to make going to the dentist a good experience.

Our dentists, dental hygienists and clinic assistants have achieved a high professional level, and together we always try to provide the most optimal quality in our treatments, which makes going to the dentist even safer and more convenient.

Godt Smil Tandlægerne in Nørrebro is run by dentist Matthias Godt. In addition to Matthias, the clinic employs three dentists, five dental hygienists and six clinic assistants.

Our staff at Godt Smil Nørrebro look forward to welcoming you warmly.

Godt Smil Amager

Godt Smil Tandlægerne at Amager (in Danish) are centrally located on Amagerbrogade itself.

Despite the clinic’s central location, it is not far from the nearest car parks. The clinic opened in 2023 and is thus one of the chain’s youngest and most modern.

We thus use the latest technology and the best equipment at our clinic, so that we can offer you the optimal treatment.

We have a panoramic scanner and other advanced equipment for diagnosis, and we provide you with safe treatment.

Our competent dentists, dental hygienists and clinic assistants are ready to offer you all types of dental treatments. We carry out everything from general dental check-ups to cosmetic dentistry.

At Godt Smil Tandlægerne in Amager, you will be able to meet Nima Kalbasi, among others.

He is the clinic’s owner and comes with solid experience from several other Godt Smil clinics around Zealand, where he has, among other things, been the clinic owner at Nørreport since 2017.

Nima originally comes from Iran and graduated from the dental school in Copenhagen. He has special skills in surgery and orthodontics with Invisalign (invisible braces).

With him and the rest of the treatment team, you get both good treatment and a safe experience, and they have looked forward to being at the head of the chain’s first clinic in Amager.

Godt Smil dentist in Copenhagen

Welcome to your Godt Smil dentists in the center of Copenhagen. At our clinics, we welcome both new and old patients to inviting waiting rooms with the day’s newspaper, various magazines and hot drinks.

High quality at a fair price

The dental clinics benefit from the chain’s advantageous discount agreements with our suppliers – as well as an extensive internal training program for all professional groups.

For you as a patient, this means that you always get high-quality dental treatment at a fair price at the Godt Smil clinics.

Our dental prices are actually up to 40% lower compared to other dental clinics in Denmark. Especially on porcelain crowns and implants, you can save a lot by choosing Godt Smil.

Extended nationwide warranty

Our practitioners have extensive experience and expertise in implant treatments, and the materials are of the highest quality.

This is precisely why we can safely offer you one of the industry’s best guarantees on dental implants.

We offer an extended nationwide guarantee that gives you a 10-year guarantee on the new tooth root (the screw that is inserted into your bone) and a 5-year guarantee on the crown itself.

Help for dental fear

If you suffer from dental fear to a greater or lesser degree, our clinics are the right choice for you. Our competent teams are used to dealing with patients with a fear of the dentist and are happy to set aside extra time for your treatment.

We have the latest equipment on the market, which helps to ensure you an effective and pain-relieved dental treatment.

The most important thing is that you talk about your fear of the dentist, so that we have the opportunity to handle it in the best way.

We are very much looking forward to being able to welcome you to your Godt Smil dentists in Frederiksberg, Nørreport, Nørrebro and Amager.

It is 𝟭𝟬𝟬% FREE to change dentist to Godt Smil in Copenhagen?

Yes, it is 100% free and without obligation to change your dentist to us. If you want to change your dentist to Godt Smil, just call us or fill out our contact form on the website.

Then we will probably have to do all the practical things in relation to also moving your records from your previous dentist, if you wish.

Contact us

How do I change dentist?

You do this by calling the clinic you want an appointment at – or filling in a contact form on our website.

We will then find a time that suits you and help you obtain your records from your previous dentist, if you wish.

Do I get a discount if I am a member of the Danish health insurance?

If you are a member of “danmark”, you will receive a subsidy from Sygeforsikringen “danmark” for some treatments.

When you have had a treatment carried out for which you can get a subsidy, you must pay the full amount for the treatment at the clinic.

You will then subsequently have the subsidy transferred from “Denmark” directly to your account.

Contact Sygeforsikringen “danmark” if you are in doubt as to which group you belong to or whether you can get a subsidy.

When can I save up to 40% at Godt Smil?

At Godt Smil, it is typically on larger treatments that you can save the most – sometimes up to 40%. This is, for example, on implants, crowns, bridges and other major dental treatments.

You will find our prices on our website, and you are always welcome to book an appointment for an examination and an estimate.

Does it cost anything to get an estimate (offer) made?

Both yes and no. The price estimate itself does not cost anything, but it requires us to carry out an examination on you – and possibly take x-rays to diagnose.

You can see the prices for our surveys on our website under prices.

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