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Godt Smil Frederiksberg
Roskildevej 37A, 2. sal
2000 Frederiksberg

Du kan trygt komme på klinikken

Ift. coronavirus tager vi alle hygiejnemæssige forbehold, vi bruger nødvendige værnemidler og sørger for god afstand.

Save up to 40% on your dental treatments

Godt Smil is Denmark’s leading dental chain, with dental clinics spread across the country. We are ready to help you with everything from dental exams to cosmetic dentistry. By choosing Godt Smil as your new dental clinic, you can save up to 40% on your treatments. Our low prices is a result of favourable supplier agreements achieved because of our position as the market leader in Denmark. Contact us for more information about prices and treatments or for booking an appointment.

6 good reasons for choosing Godt Smil:

High quality treatments and fair prices

Specialists in dental scare

Get 100% pain-free treatment

Full satisfaction or money back guarantee

Leading in implants & crowns

Best reviewed dental chain on Trustpilot

Welcome to Godt Smil Dentist

Your Godt Smil dentist in Frederiksberg - in Valby's backyard

Welcome to your Godt Smil dental clinic in Frederiksberg.

We are proud to be part of the leading dental chain in Denmark. Since the clinic opened in June 2010, more than 10,000 patients have switched to Godt Smil dentists in Frederiksberg.

Our team makes sure to stay up to date with the latest knowledge in dentistry. Therefore, you can be assured of a professional treatment of the highest standard and quality.

The clinic at Frederiksberg is on the second floor and consists of 8 large and bright clinic rooms.

Professional dental team at Frederiksberg

Your Godt Smil dental clinic at Frederiksberg is run by dentist Sebastian Tschechne, who through several courses has gained special competencies in implantology and major dental procedures.

In the fall of 2015, Sebastian Tschechne completed his continuing education in Frankfurt, and can now be referred to as "Master of Science in Oral Implantology". In addition to the clinic owner Sebastian Tschechne, the clinic employs 6 dentists, 4 dental hygienists, 9 clinic assistants, including 1 receptionist and their own anesthetist.

We focus on patients with fear of dentists

If you suffer from fear of dentists, our clinic is the right choice for you.

Our team is specially trained to care for patients with this type of anxiety, and we therefore know what it takes to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. However, it is important that you always inform us about your concerns when you visit the clinic. Then we promise to do our best to give you a good and pain-free experience with us.

If you want dental treatment performed under full anesthesia, this is also possible, since we have our own anesthetists.

Among Denmark's leading dental implants

Clinic owner Sebastian Tschechne is among the dentists in Denmark who perform the simplest as well as the most complicated treatments with dental implants.

Sebastian Tschechne has continued his education in Frankfurt, and in 2015 he obtained a master's degree in implantology. He is one of the few dentists in Denmark who have completed this continuing education.

Godt Smil clinic at Frederiksberg can thus offer a very special experience and knowledge in this type of treatment.

Good purchasing agreements ensure you low prices

As part of the Godt Smil chain, our clinic has access to some very advantageous purchasing deals. When we buy, for example, plastic material, porcelain crowns and implants for our treatments, we get far lower prices than other dental clinics in Denmark. Therefore, we can offer you some very competitive prices on dental treatment.

If you have made a porcelain crown or an implant, you can actually save up to 40 percent by choosing our clinic. Of course, this is without compromising on quality or service.

Our staff warmly welcome you to your Godt Smil dental clinic in Frederiksberg.


Dental treatments in Frederiksberg

Our skilled dentists and dental hygienists perform the vast majority of dental procedures. In collaboration with our anesthetist, we also offer dental treatment performed under full anesthesia.

Examples of dental treatments we perform:

  • Dental examinations
  • Scaling (dental cleaning)
  • Periodontitis
  • Composite filling
  • Teeth whitening
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental implants
  • Root canal treatments

Staff at Godt Smil Frederiksberg

Our dental clinic at Frederiksberg has hired an extremely competent staff, consisting of 6 dentists, 5 dental hygienists, 9 clinic assistants as well as its own anesthetist. The clinic is therefore among the largest ones in Denmark. The staff are continuously training by attending numerous courses with both danish and foreign speakers.















































Find Godt Smil Frederiksberg

Godt Smil Frederiksberg is located on Roskildevej - approx. 400 meters from Frederiksberg Zoo. The clinic offers good and free parking conditions. Our address is:

Godt Smil Frederiksberg

44 22 41 04

Roskildevej 37A, 2. sal

2000 Frederiksberg


There is a lift in the openings, so if you are walking with difficulty you will get extra help.
Due to stairs at the entrance we have installed a ramp for you, and if you need it we will be happy to help you down and up the ramp. 

When you book a time with our dentists, just don't forget to tell us you are a wheelchair user - and we will probably help you when you visit the clinic.

Transport and parking

For patients coming by car there is the possibility of parking in the yard. You must register it at the reception. On Roskildevej you can park for up to five hours, and if you are by bus, lines 4A and 6A are right outside the clinic. 
Most of our patients come from Frederiksberg and the surrounding area, but we also have many patients from both Valby, Greve and Amager.